I’ve become “Shatner,” a sort of synthesis of these various characters I’ve played.

From the Macleans interview with William Shatner:

Q: How did you overcome your envy, when Spock became such a popular character though your character, Captain Kirk, was initially supposed to be the lead?

A: You grow out of it and see the logic.

Q: The logic of why people liked Spock?

A: That, and the illogic of fate. As you become more knowledgeable about the way things work, you can lose the negative emotions.

Q: You and Leonard Nimoy weren’t close while you were doing Star Trek, but you are now. How did that happen?

A: I weaseled up to him and tried to be an amusing fellow. And he kept rebuffing me. I kept buying him meals. Then he relented and took me into his embrace.


William Shatner is on my list of personal heros.