Eyeball truck

Today while sitting in a coffee shop, I saw one of those trucks with the giant signs on the back drive by.  Ok, perhaps a normal occurance in an urban environment, but I just can’t help but feel it’s a gigantic waste of fuel, and senseless pollution.  In fact, the truck had a little “powered by BioFuel” logo on the cab, which means that it was essentially burning up poor peoples’ food.

But perhaps what was most absurd, was that the ad was essentially a pictue of a giant eye.  A truck driving a giant eyeball around is a disturbing image in itself with Orwellian connotations; particularly in light of Bell’s recent hardline stance on internet throttling.

So, Bell is driving an eyeball truck around, which both commands our gaze and gazes back at us, and is powered by poor people’s food.

Anyway, it was all a very traumatic experience.


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