Girls more than men, as a rule

An article by Carl Jung on ‘Marriage as a Psychological Relationship’.

“The young person of marriageable age does, of course, possess an ego-consciousness (girls more than men, as a rule), but, since he has only recently emerged from the mists of original unconsciousness he is certain to have wide areas which still lie in the shadow and which preclude to that extent the formation of psychological relationship. This means, in practice, that the young man (or woman) can have only an incomplete understanding of himself and others, and is therefore imperfectly informed as to his, and their, motives. As a rule the motives he acts from are largely unconscious. Subjectively, of course, he thinks himself very conscious and knowing, for we constantly overestimate the existing content of consciousness, and it is a great and surprising discovery when we find that what we had supposed to be the final peak is nothing but the first step in a very long climb. The greater the area of unconsciousness, the less is marriage a matter of free choice, as is shown subjectively in the fatal compulsion one feels so acutely when one is in love. The compulsion can exist even when one is not in love, though in less agreeable form.”

~ Reilly 



  1. Verdao said,

    January 9, 2008 at 4:08 pm

    So is the implication that, as we grow, we will become more conscious feel the compulsions of love that much less acutely? If so, that really captures why we may not be able to fall in love in the same intense way as we get older. It’s encouraging but also sad.

  2. reillyreads said,

    January 16, 2008 at 3:02 pm

    To quote my 43 year old boss “YOU’LL NEVER FEEL THE SAME PASSION THAT YOU DID IN YOUR TWENTIES EVER AGAIN. EVER!” Said with widening eyes – both hers and mine.

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